Why Women & ‘Financial Freedom’ are Vital


All too long have women been kept on the outskirts. Finance is just ONE of the sectors that women aren’t encouraged to participate in. Frankly, and as expressed in our mission statement…we think that’s rubbish.

Finance shouldn’t be intimidating. It absolutely shouldn’t be a source of stress, worry, fear, discomfort, or displacement. Financial knowledge not only ¬†should be but MUST be accessible if we want to level the playing field for all. It goes without saying, that money isn’t everything, but financial stability is key for every member of society.

But perhaps you’re asking WHY does it matter for me…

Financial stability reduces stress. Financial wellness goes a lot further then just being able to pay all of your bills. It effects your health in a BIG way. Stress leads to ¬†deterioration of mental and physical health which may cost more money and missed opportunities. A perpetual cycle becomes created when we associate money with stress. We put financial freedom on the back burner because it’s too stressful to deal with, which in turn creates more stress when we can’t manage our finances.

It allows for more options. The more we know the less parochial our paths. One who is financially stable is able to make choices independent of her stress for economical survival. With a healthy savings, ability to understand finance, and awareness of your options, you can CHOOSE to do the work you want to do rather than the work you HAVE to do. The more we empower ourselves the easier it is to get out of the rat race.

Women outlive men. Sure maybe you’re husband/boyfriend/partner/whoever takes care of the finances now…but what happens when you are called to assume that role? We have a responsibly as contributing members of society to educate ourselves.

When women put their mind to something- and see the value in it- we are unstoppable. If you want something done- do it yourself. I am constantly observing women not only rise to the occasion but dominating and leading by excellent example. Women, given the proper tools, have an aptitude for cooperation and leadership. Learning about business, finance, and wellness gives us just another tool.

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