Embrace the stress of debt (temporarily).

Written by: Penny Anthem staff

People┬áhave debt for various reasons- health issues, bailing out a loved one, travel, mindless consumerism (guilty). This isn’t a post about ‘how to get out of debt’ or ‘how to avoid debt’ it’s simply to acknowledge the stress and sacrifices that come with having to pay a monthly bill. This is a post about self-forgiveness and harnessing your stress to have a positive impact.

If you have debt, and you’re stressed- YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I feel you and you deserve to take a moment to maaaayyyybee fall a part a little (before you get it together).

I am by no means ‘excusing’ debt. I personally use my credit cards to build my credit score, but I did however, use them for a large purchase recently. Let me tell you, that balance has been looming EVER SINCE. The stress that has come along with this new balance can at times be debilitating. Obviously it’s important to be responsible and not spend money that you don’t have, but preaching aside- debt is a reality for many people and the various negative effects are too. Let’s be honest,

Debt is super stressful


The constant overhang of stress that comes with debt can be inescapable despite our attempts to shove it deep into the crevices of our mind. We don’t want to deal with our debt or face the stress that revolves around it because we often blame ourselves. Acknowledging the bill each month can be a silent and continuous punishment towards our inner self. Debt is a hovering reminder that we don’t make enough/spend too much/aren’t good enough/whatever. ┬áThis constant reminder has effects outside of our bank account.

Financial stress contributes to a decline in your overall health

Financial stress can causes:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Negative thoughts
  • Regret
  • Inability to enjoy daily life

Sometimes debt seems like a perpetual cycle of stress as if somehow there is an inherit correlation between money and stress. The best way to empower yourself is to acknowledge you feel that way and then move forward.

Carrying debt is a monthly emotional toll where paying it off is the only solution. You know what you have to get to tackle your debt, but give yourself a moment to let the stress run through you. Take a moment to inhale & exhale. You are going to handle the situation and get out of debt, but you do have the right to be upset and then forgive yourself completely.


It is darkest right before the dawn, so wallow in your stress momentarily before you amp up to tackle your debt.



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