10 Habits of Great Leaders

See a solution: Great leaders see a solution that’s why they are working towards something. they know with the right tools they can be apart of accomplishing a common goal. This stems from having a determined and positive attitude.

Clear Expectations: They work with you to help set clear and attainable goals.

Empower others: Great leaders don’t micromanage. They delegate to people they trust and empower to get the job done. If you can’t delegate, then you need to ask yourself why? Is it a control issue or perhaps you need to give your employees the proper tools.


Encourage overall successful: A leader isn’t working to fulfill their own agenda alone. They understand members of a team come and go. Everyone is on their own journey to success and a great leader will support others and wish them success outside of their own metrics.

Provide resources: This goes hand in hand with wanting their team to be successful. If you want to encourage growth and change, then leaders provide the rights tools whether that’s training, compensation, or recognition. No matter how good of a team one has, they can’t build a house without the tools.

Ask, Listen, and takes action: Everyone who contributes has a valuable perspective. Asking for feedback is one thing, but listening and creating a plan is pivotal.


Open and honest communication: Although it easier to just tell people what they want to hear, that isn’t productive or helpful in the long run. If you’re looking to be a management, be honest and appreciate those who are honest with you.

Recognizes quality work: Recognition is key in working together. A team and their leader work in a cyclical relationship to support each other. Without recognizing your team, you will do them a great disservice.

Accessible: You may be encouraging, concise in expectations, and full of resources…but what good does that do if people can’t  get in contact with you. Great leaders are available and in turn their teams respect their time.

Values your time: Speaking of respecting time, a great leader sees the big picture. life doesn’t revolve around whatever project you’re working on right now. It’s made of many aspects. They will want you to do the many things you enjoy, that way when it’s time to focus at the project at hand- you’ll bring your A game.

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