Falling Back in Love with Your Job

Written by: Penny Anthem staff


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The honey moon stage is over, and you’re losing interest in your job. This is absolutely normal if you’ve been at the same job for a while. Sometimes getting re-energized is necessary if you don’t want to leave the company. There are micro-changes you can make to keep yourself engaged and to bring new value to your role

Take a 1 day stay-cation (once every few months): Taking time off, even if you’re just staying at home, is incredibly important.  Recent studies have shown that 1/4th of Millennials aren’t using their vacation time! Your vacation time is part of your compensation package. It’s vital to have some time away from work to focus on other things, doing so can refuel you. Even something as simple as taking a Friday or Monday off to extend your weekend can make a huge difference.

Just make sure you request time off with enough notice and in the appropriate way. Building ‘self care’ days in your routine is necessary. Whenever I do this, I feel revitalized and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Shadow someone in another department: Learning something new (or a different approach) is a nice change of pace. It’s interesting to see what other departments are working on. Not only does it break your normal routine, but it gives you a broader perspective on how to company functions as a whole.  You may find your interest lies in another role, or realize how much you appreciate your role!

Build something enjoyable into your schedule: Set time aside daily or weekly to do something you truly enjoy at work. For example, I love making financial plans. It’s interesting to me to collect the data and see how financial changes can really impact a client’s future. Now I can’t sit around all day working on financial plans, but I can designate an hour each Friday to work on financial plans.

If you enjoying collaborating with your colleagues, talking to clients, working on marketing initiatives- find reasonable times to work these into your schedule. It helps to have something you enjoy built into your calendar.

Communicate with your boss: Depending on your manger this can be a delicate one, but I will say showing enthusiasm and motivation has never steered me wrong. When the time comes when you feel you’ve mastered your day to day routines, consider asking your boss for new opportunities. If there are additional and interesting ways you can contribute, raise your hand to be a part of them. Perhaps more compensation and training are necessary,  but those can both be beneficial things. Show that your dedicate to growing and changing WITH the company.

Make environmental changes: Have you been sitting at the same desk, in the same office, staring at the same motivational poster for the last 5 years? If so then think about changing up your work space.

Every few months I clean out my desk, reorganize, and switch out the things in my work space. These changes are small, but they help me to clear my mind and feel comfortable in my work area.

If you have a more flexible work environment, maybe you can move locations or even see about working a day a week from home.

Get to know your coworkers: One of the truly rewarding things about a work environment is when you get to come to work and be around people you enjoy. It’s not always easy to get along or to connect with those you work with, but there is something to be said about making an effort.

Surround yourself with positive people: If your work bff is constantly complaining about how much he hates his job, it’s going to be hard to stay positive about it. We are products of our environment, so try to make your environment optimistic. If you’re going to fall back in love with your job, you’ll need to focus on the GOOD parts. Maybe go out to the lunch with the new guy who is still excited. Try to soak up and contribute to some of that fresh energy!

If complaining is a routine part of your job then try to avoid those conversations. Falling in love with your job is about minimizing the negativity.

Take someone under your wing: Training someone, informally or formally, is an awesome way to add value to your role. You’ll be surprised at home much insight you are able to give, Just make sure the person WANTS your guidance.

Be open to new ideas: Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a rut as a result of your own habits. If you feel overwhelmed and taken advantage of, are there steps you can take to try to rework the way things are? Think about what is really making you unhappy and be bold enough to look at how your own actions played a role. Chances are that you have some power to better the situation. It may take rethinking your approach or having an open and diplomatic conversation with a peer.

Make a list of the things you’ve accomplished: A list of day to day contributions can be incredibly meaningful. When I see a written list of my responsibilities and accomplishments, I am honestly filled with confidence. Your position exists for a reason, and there is a reason you chose to do it AND a reason why you were chosen. Let yourself enjoy the fact that you are contributing so much.

Set goals and create an action plan: Some companies ask you to do this quarterly or annually, others don’t seem to care about your goals. Either way, YOU should care about your own goals. Think about what you are passionate about and how your current role plays a part in your bigger story. What is it that you are working towards? What steps can you take to get there? Is there anyone along that way that can help you?

Consider these questions and Realize Your Goals. Once you know what you want, then you can work toward getting there. Being aware of the bigger picture will make everything else (the less enjoyable stuff) seem smaller.

Align your passions with your responsibilities: This is really a culmination of everything that’s been suggested so far. If you’re passionate about certain aspects about your job then FOCUS ON THOSE MORE. Work with your manager to do more of what you love and delegate the things you don’t. Being self aware of your goals and how you contribute are a huge part of loving what you do.

At the end of the day, some people cannot fall back in love with the job, and that’s absolutely okay. Just be mindful of the reason why and then work to find something that will bring you more happiness.

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