Pay Your Debt

For real this time. I know you’ve been wanting to. I know it bugs you. It’s like that little nagging voice that takes an emotional toll on you that you try reeeeeally hard to ignore. Make the choice and then make that choice a priority: I know this sounds cheesy, but you have to seriously… Continue reading Pay Your Debt

The Stress of Debt

People have debt for various reasons- health issues, bailing out a loved one, travel, mindless consumerism (guilty). This isn’t a post about ‘how to get out of debt’ or ‘how to avoid debt’ it’s simply to acknowledge the stress and sacrifices that come with having to pay a monthly bill. This is a post about self-forgiveness… Continue reading The Stress of Debt

Steps to Financial Freedom

Building wealth is a process that takes time. I wish it were, but unfortunately it isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, dedication, and will power. It isn’t easy for all (or even most) of us, but the success of being financial independent is one of the greatest freedoms anyone could obtain. There is a… Continue reading Steps to Financial Freedom