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The Simple Difference Between Stocks and Bonds

Simple yet important- the difference between stocks and bonds.


Resources for Tax Day

  Taxes, for most of us, are our biggest expense. It seems like they are everywhere, when you buy a pack of gun, when you sell a stock, when you get your paycheck. Shoot, we even have to pay taxes when we die! They are basically unavoidable (although you can work to reduce them). So… Continue reading Resources for Tax Day

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Learning to Gracefully say “No”

Tired of being a people pleaser? Practice these easy tips on saying 'No'.


Dollar Cost Averaging: Reducing Emotional Impulse

Dollar cost averaging is less about market gains and more a out building solid habits without emotional interference.

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Choosing a Financial Advisor

When is the right time to work with a financial advisor and what should you consider when choosing the right one?

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Sexual Harassment at Work

In light of current news, the hashtag MeToo has taken our social media feeds by storm. It takes only a couple of seconds to realize that #Metoo is an echo chamber of solidarity for those who have been sexually harassed. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these voices are women, and even worse, I can't imagine anyone is… Continue reading Sexual Harassment at Work

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Emotional Intelligence

Being self aware and smart about your feelings.


Falling Back in Love with Your Job

Been at your job for a while? If the honey moon phase is over, but you're yearning to fall back in love, check out this article.


10 Habits of Great Leaders

Leaders have those undeniable qualities, but what are they? Check out 10 habits of great leaders.


Working with Someone you Cannot Stand

I know. I know. The person down the hall is THE WORST. Here are some tips on having to work with someone you cannot stand.