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Common Cryptocurrency Scams to Watch Out For

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, protect and inform yourself with common scams.

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The Simple Difference Between Stocks and Bonds

Simple yet important- the difference between stocks and bonds.


Resources for Tax Day

  Taxes, for most of us, are our biggest expense. It seems like they are everywhere, when you buy a pack of gun, when you sell a stock, when you get your paycheck. Shoot, we even have to pay taxes when we die! They are basically unavoidable (although you can work to reduce them). So… Continue reading Resources for Tax Day

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My Experience with Snowball: The Spare Change Debt App

    I tried  Snowball to send my spare change to my credit card, and here's what I experienced: transparency, amazing customer service, and some extra payments to my debt. After you download the mobile app you create a login. You can attach either a credit card or a loan in which you want your spare… Continue reading My Experience with Snowball: The Spare Change Debt App

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Saving Money this Holiday Season

I always go overboard for holiday shopping. My plan is to avoid that this year with these tips, and don't worry I am not going to suggest you DIY everyone's presents.


Dollar Cost Averaging: Reducing Emotional Impulse

Dollar cost averaging is less about market gains and more a out building solid habits without emotional interference.

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Choosing a Financial Advisor

When is the right time to work with a financial advisor and what should you consider when choosing the right one?

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Understanding Different Account Types

It behooves us all to know the different types of investment accounts, the tax benefits, what we can fund them with, and when we can use them.


About the Author

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Market Manipulation

Market manipulation comes in various forms- learn about the common tactics used to manipulate the market.