Lately it seems the universe has been whispering the same word over & over : The concept keeps coming up everywhere- in articles I read, in conversations between friends, on my news feed. So I asked myself, why is it so important to learn to be resilient? Resilience, by definition, is the capacity to recover quickly… Continue reading Resilience

Women In Finance

All too long have women been kept on the outskirts. Finance is just ONE of the sectors that women aren’t encouraged to participate in. Frankly, and as expressed in our mission statement…we think that’s rubbish. Finance shouldn’t be intimidating. It absolutely shouldn’t be a source of stress, worry, fear, discomfort, or displacement. Financial knowledge not… Continue reading Women In Finance

10 Habits of great Leaders

Whether you’re looking to get into a leadership position, or need a refresher on some awesome habits, here are 10 habits of great leaders. See a solution: Great leaders see a solution that’s why they are working towards something. they know with the right tools they can be apart of accomplishing a common goal. This… Continue reading 10 Habits of great Leaders